Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Alina Ramirez

Dr. Preston

Expository Composition

2 June 2014

         When you say Open Source Learning lots of different things come to mind. At the beginning I had no idea what to expect. It seemed just like any old high school project that was being forced upon. But boy was I wrong. At the beginning I did have a bit of trouble getting used to the whole idea that we actually have the freedom to do exactly what we want and how we want it. Collaborating with other students was one of my favorite things about this course. A students perspective on a topic is always as helpful as a teachers.  I believe that I have improved my reading and writing skills. The vocab was strongly enforced over the first semester and it did help for the most part. This course has taught me to think in different ways. That there isn't just one correct way to approach a topic, you can address it in many ways and still be right. I can see why some teachers are against the whole idea but I think it's great. Dr. Preston has given us a taste of what the real world taste like.

From the whole experience with the masterpiece I truly found what my passion is. My journey to find it was pretty weird. I thought I wanted to do one thing but what I was really passionate for was right under my nose. At first I started off wanting to do fashion and I mean I like it and I think it's really interesting, but when I would get bored with it I would then just go on YouTube and search up allstar cheerleading. Then that was when I realized that I wanted to do this. Since I have been in cheer since I was 7 years old I know a thing or two about cheer. But since I wasn't in cheer this year it has been one of my main things to keep up with it and be up to date with all of the really competitive teams and know how they rank. Cheer is a sport that is constantly changing, stunts are getting harder, tumbling is getting crazier and overall the level of completion is getting fiercer. That is why I would like to help out a local competitive cheer team and contribute some of the ideas that I have.

Something about this course that made me laugh is the fact that we didn't even use the text book for this course. It's funny how when we checked it out at the library at the beginning of the year we all thought we were going to use it. But it's been in my locker since.

One presentation that stood out to me the most was Shane's, when he talked about the flow theory and what it is I thought it was really cool. Passion is a common theme throughout every presentation. Daniel has been doing what he likes for quite a long time now. It's nice to know that he has worked hard to get to where he is now. Jorge's masterpiece reminds me of my masterpiece. He has been breakdancing for a long time and he is really passionate about what he does that he ended up,starting the Righetti dance crew.

I believe that I did complete a heroes journey. A hero at first starts off unsure of what there task is. Then once they find what it is they do there very best to accomplish it.  Sure there were some hardships but every hero gets through it.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Literature Analysis

The House of Bernarda Alba
(Play)     Abriendo Puertas Tomo II     originally I read this play in Spanish so I am translating this to English
By Federico Garcia Lorca 

1.The five daughters of Bernarda Alba are dominated by the untamable authority of their mother. The very proud Bernarda hates her neighbors but is dominated by the "what will they say". They story starts off with the death of her husband where she implies the rules of no crying and to stay in morning for months. Because of their mother the daughters have had to give up a lot. And due to that and how hard and cold she is they will suffer. 
2. The theme of this play is the reputation that Bernarda holds. She thinks it's everything and in the town she lives in it is known that her family is one of the "wealthier" ones of town.
3. The authors tone in this play was very serious. since the whole play is portrayed by a serious women then everything around her will be serious.
pg.156 Bernarda: Silence! this was the first thing she says in the entire play. this is stating that silence is a big part of this play and it brings up such an important role throughout. Silence in the play is basically another character. The silence the sisters had to keep because their mother was so enforced in keeping everything a secret no one could basically say anything. They had to keep their opinions to themselves.
pg. 205 Bernarda: after all, she has said it was a practical joke. What else could it be? Poncia: you think it's like that? Bernarda: I don't think I know.... This is basically saying how Bernarda is covering her own eyes and denying it to poncias face that she knows that Martidio played a practical joke on her sister when in reality she is in love with Pepe and took the portrait from Angustias on purpose. She is denying it because it benefits her image and she wants to keep it "clean". Pg. 215 prudencia: I don't know what he says. But i suffer. Bernarda: a daughter that disobeys isnt a daughter anymore but an enemy. Prudencia is upset because her daughter went off with her boyfriend and got married but what she is mostly upset about is that her husband hasn't yet forgiven her for it. Bernada on the other hand thinks that it's ok that her husband hasn't yet forgiven her. She thinks that there should be an image to keep up. Bernarda also gives off a sense of no maternal instinct the opposite of Purdencia that actually cares. 
4. he used alot of symbolism and he uses te colors to paint a clear picture of what the house looks like.
1. he uses direct characterization when martidio is talking because she is in love with Pepe and she La poncia knows. he uses indirect characterization to let the audience know that Pepe and Adela have been in a relationship for a while and only the audience and they know.
2. the author focuses more on action and what is happening instead of syntax.
3. the protagonist is for the most part a round character. Adela knows what she wants and is determined. Bernarda is the protagonast yet the antagonist because she is the reason that all of this happened in the first place.
4. after reading this play i wanted to talk to the characters of Adela and Bernarda. I wanted to know why she did everything and why she was so cruel to her own daughters. I would ask Adela questions like how did you and Pepe first meet? and why didnt you just run away with him? 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Something that constantly reminds me of my masterpiece is social media. Fashion is a big part of social media and I constantly see lots of it on twitter and Instagram. When I see that someone has made a video of new outfits, or a get ready with me, or a diy I check out their YouTube channel and see what their interest are and compare them to mine. I've learned a lot especially from watching these videos. People are really creative :) My best friend and I were having one of our "regular" conversations today. Since the cheer worlds have just ended this passed Monday (and we were competitive cheerleaders) that was all we've talked about. Cheer has always been a part if my life and it always will be. Some how I thought if my masterpiece. I don't know why but I did. Maybe somehow I can incorporate cheer into what I am doing. 


I think that the structure of the class how we have it now, I think it's a good thing to try because that way everyone can be heard. In my table it's a circle and it's easy for all of us to give our opinions and ideas that will help us in the future. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Entrepreneur

(a) how the expert you designed the 10 questions for is or isn't an entrepreneur according to how we defined it in class 
• according to the defintion in class my expert is an entrepreneur because in the fashion industry someone is always responsible for what others are wearing. People wear the idea of others and is presenting and selling to the world. 
(b) how you are or are not an entrepreneur according to how we defined it in class 
•I believe that I am not an entrepreneur yet but I will be. I have a lot of ideas that I'm willing to give out and lots of opinions on things. 
(c) how this culture associates expertise with entrepreneurship, and how you think this idea should be reinforced or changed 
•I think that this idea of associating expertise with entrepreneurship is something that we should look into because society has associated it with them not knowing anything. 

10 Questions

1. How did you start? 
2. What was you educational background? 
3. What is a day like for you? 
4. What are some of the different types of things that you have done? 
5. What are some of the clients you've had? 
6. How do you get your clothes and show them to your clients? 
7. What is it like to help out a designer? 
8. What is fashion week like? 
9. Has this always been your goal? 
10. Who was your biggest influence? 

Sunday, February 23, 2014


What am I passionate about? What do I like to do? No one has really given me the freedom to choose really what I want to do. Dr Preston is the first teacher that has ever given us the freedom of choosing. As think about what I like lots of thing pop into my head. One thing in particular stands out. The Fashion Industry. Ever since I was little I've always liked clothes. It seems weird that a seven year old already knows the big names in fashion. Names like Chanel ,Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Victoria's Secret, Prada, Michael Kors, to name a few. The different patterns, the different colors, and how the designers have so much creativity to put up a collection that can fascinate the world. What I would like to do is to help the designers create a one of a kind collection and help show it off on a runway. The way i can achieve my goal of this is by creating groups that kind of have the same idea as me and that way we can all work together and show off our ideas. I want to make photography a major part of my assignment and at the end I want to create a portfolio of all of my different ideas that I came up with.